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The aluminum accumulator is assembled using a universal can top which is punched with the appropriate hole configuration at the point of use. The port and outlet fittings are welded to the can top. The anti-siphon tube is assembled through the can into the inlet fitting, then welded in place. The anti-siphon tube is manufactured in house by cutting the tube to length, assembling the filter, end forming with the OEM trumpet design, bending, and punching the pickup and pressure equalization holes. The bottom can is assembled to the top can with the desiccant bag inside. The two halves are then welded around the outside of the seam.

After welding is complete the valve cores are assembled in the port fittings and the unit is checked for leaks. The units are leak tested using a nitrogen pressure test underwater. Once the accumulators pass leak test, caps are assembled and each unit individually packed in a cardboard box with o-ring kits.

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